Too Much Fun!

THE RAIN SPARROW has officially released! This is the follow up book to THE MEMORY HOUSE which is now on the shelves in paperback, too. Both are available anywhere books are sold. Here's what the Library Journal had to say about The Rain Sparrow: Reticent thriller writer Hayden Winters is not looking for involvement with the local populace when he lands in tiny Honey Ridge, TN. But a late-night chance hotel kitchen encounter with librarian Carrie ­Riley and a drenching thunderstorm that brings a shivering 11-year-old to the door draw Hayden in, caught by the boy’s desperation and the woman’s caring touch. ­ VERDICT Tender, haunting, and soul-satisfying, this story of hope, redemption, and ju

The Memory House Releases in Paperback!

I'm so delighted to announce the release of The Memory House this month in paperback. This first book in THe Honey Ridge Novels features a gorgeous new cover and a lower price point just for you. This morning, I spotted the book on the shelves at Walmart. If you haven't had a chance to read it, please pick up a copy. Then let me know your thoughts. I've had such lovely feedback from readers who have already read the book. I am deeply grateful when you buy my books and write to me about them. I also appreciate greatly when you post a review on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads or other social media sites to let others know how you feel about the story. Thank you for doing this!! It means

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