Birthday Memories of a Beloved Son

Today is my son’s birthday. My first born on earth. My first to enter Heaven. And I certainly pray Travis is the only one to graduate to that higher realm before I do, though seeing my children choose Jesus and knowing they have eternal life is my highest calling and the thing that matters most to me. Losing a child is an amputation of the heart. Oh, not the whole heart. But that section where he and he alone resided. I still have wonderful, adored children on planet earth and my heart is full of them. But a piece of my heart is gone. And like an amputee who feels the pain of his lost limb, the empty space in my heart aches with unquenchable grief for my son. I wake in the night with it. I w

Jesus and the Park Bench

I always intend to pray more. You probably do too. But do you ever get to the end of a day and realize you haven’t spent one minute with the Lord? I have. Prayer is not only important, it’s crucial. Jesus spent hours, even long nights in prayer, and He is our example. Prayer matters. Prayer changes things, especially us. Yesterday, my husband said something that resonated deeply in me and gave me a new visual to jump start my desire to pray more often. Imagine a quiet and pleasant, peaceful park. A bench sits beneath a shady tree and on that bench is Jesus, waiting. Waiting for you to come and sit beside Him, to talk with Him, to feel the peace only He can give, to hear His perfect, worthwhi

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