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It's a Book Birthday!

I'm excited to announce the release of PERFECT IN HIS EYES, a heartwarming tale of one man's quest to save children, and a woman's struggle to save a teenager from making the same deadly mistakes she's made. Can this unlikely pair find their way past all the secrets, all the mistakes, and discover love and family waiting on the other side?

Because of the pandemic, I want to be sure everyone can afford a good book to read. So, I'm offering this ebook for sale at only $3.99. And it's free in Amazon KU!

Reviews are coming in: "As always, Linda does not disappoint with this book.....

Nick and Samantha, an unlikely couple, captured my heart from the very beginning. The struggles that each of them faced and the decisions that they had to make ultimately brought them together. I loved all the twist and turns this story had. I had trouble putting this book down."

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