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Conclusion to THE BUCHANONS is here!

LONE STAR BACHELOR is now available. Don't miss this surprising conclusion to The Buchanon series. (Read the whole series here: THE BUCHANONS.)

Emotionally charged scenes are balanced by snappy dialogue and droll wit. The perfect recipe for a summer romance read. (Kav, Amazon Reviews. 5 stars)

Old grudges are exposed, the vandal makes a final, desperate move, and Sawyer's life could be in danger!

Her Unexpected Hero

Sawyer Buchanon was against hiring Jade Warren. The escalating threats against his family's construction business—and Sawyer in particular—don't warrant the time and money spent on a private investigator. Even if Jade's smart, beautiful and challenging in a way that intrigues him, the woman doesn't even like him!

Jade has personal reasons to mistrust any Buchanon—especially one as handsome and smooth as Sawyer. But everything she's been led to believe about the successful Buchanons crumbles in the face of Sawyer's decency and sweetness. And the closer Jade gets to Sawyer, the more intense her feelings for him become. Trouble brews and danger threatens, but the biggest risk Jade will face is having Sawyer steal her heart.

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