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Perfect in His Eyes

The title of my latest book, which is on pre-order now for a May 22 release, describes the feelings of Nick for the heroine, Samantha, who has trouble seeing herself as "enough". She doesn't feel slim enough, smart enough, good enough. But the title also reminds me of the way God feels about us, about me and you. When we surrender our life to Jesus to follow Him, suddenly we are "perfect in His eyes." I love that, don't you? Though I am flawed and fallible, when God looks at me, all He sees is the perfect blood sacrifice of His son, Jesus.

As we get ready to celebrate Easter, Resurrection Day, I like to call it, we may not be able to gather in our favorite church or with our families, but we can still be with God. We can worship Him and honor the One who died for us in the privacy of our homes alone, online, or by TV. And we can thank Him that we are "perfect in His eyes".

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